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Tellico Lake Lots

Beautiful lake lots for sale on Tellico Lake. Search for the perfect building lot in one of the many golf and lake communities. Find lake property in Tellico Village. Level lots cleared and ready to build on with views of the mountains and lake in Tennessee.

Lake Lots for sale on Tellico Lake
Enjoy beautiful level lots with a mild slope to the shoreline of Tellico Lake. Build your dream retirement home in Tennessee on the lake.

Tellico Lake Real Estate

See lake property listings below for our featured inventory of Loudoun Lake Real Estate regarding lake homes, lots and lake condos for sale on Tellico Lake. Be sure to bookmark this page or check it regularly for updated lake property for sale at Loudoun Lake, Tennessee.

Lake Lots for Sale in Loudon, TN

 Marble Bluff Loudon, TN196.46$1,500,000.001034993
 Tanasi Loudon, TN3.63Bowman Estates$1,495,000.001032155
2011 Matlock Bend Loudon, TN73.64$895,000.00984340
1101 Main Loudon, TNLakeside Village$615,000.00989276
229 Cedar Grove Loudon, TN15.3$600,000.001052322
520 Dudala Loudon, TN1.3Mialaquo Coves$595,000.00966816
213 Tecumseh Loudon, TN0.49Tanasi Coves$550,000.001041118
215 Tecumseh Loudon, TN0.45Tanasi Coves$550,000.001041141
 Hiwassee Loudon, TN0.55Chota Cove$550,000.00948047
195 Chuniloti Loudon, TNToqua Shores$515,000.001020901
306 Piute Loudon, TN0.64Tanasi Coves$450,000.001036997
296 Cheestana Loudon, TN0.49Toqua Shores$450,000.00984222
318 Miami Loudon, TN0.57Tommotley Coves$449,000.00977903
107 Hiawassee Loudon, TN0.34Chota Cove$424,999.001004638
242 Chickasaw Loudon, TN0.57Tommotley Coves$424,900.00989045
314 Miami Loudon, TN0.35Tommotley Coves$399,900.00989638
117 Oostagala Loudon, TN0.49Mialaquo Point$389,000.00982370
206 Saloli Loudon, TN0.38Chatuga Coves$385,000.00977455
238 Chickasaw Loudon, TN0.44Tommotley Coves$365,000.00999896
607 Tecumseh Loudon, TN0.73Tanasi Coves$364,000.001014136
304 Tanasi Loudon, TN0.54Tanasi Coves$359,900.001050154
197 Amohi Loudon, TN0.6Toqua Coves$355,000.001038269
139 Oostagala Loudon, TN0.3Mialaquo Point$349,900.00969365
122 Noya Loudon, TN0.45Mialaquo Point$349,000.001033507
779 River Bank Trail Loudon, TN0.99Tennessee National$325,000.001009504
360 Rivers Edge Loudon, TN1.72Riversbend$300,000.001032789
118 Noya Loudon, TN0.56Mialaquo Point$299,900.00988513
120 Inagehi Loudon, TN0.37Mialaquo Coves$299,000.001040244
358 Azalea Loudon, TN0.79Tennessee National Pod 2$299,000.001051638
116 Inagehi Loudon, TN0.33Mialaquo Coves$289,000.001007839
158 Tommotley Loudon, TN0.95Tommotley Coves$289,000.001032147
103 Okmulgee Loudon, TN0.53Tanasi Point$285,000.00985824
162 Kanutsu Loudon, TN0.56Mialaquo Shores$280,000.001027334
133 Oostagala Loudon, TN0.39Mialaquo Point$278,900.001004701
616 Azalea Loudon, TN1.11Tennessee National$274,000.001035903
148 Kanutsu Loudon, TN0.61Mialaquo Shores$265,000.001036506
 301 River Bank Trail Loudon, TN1.2Tennessee National $264,900.001016846
116 Noya Loudon, TN0.55Mialaquo Point$259,900.00966793
154 Oonoga Way Loudon, TN0.49Toqua Coves$235,000.001027620
102 Kanutsu Loudon, TN0.4Mialaquo Shores$225,000.001045796
169 Saloli Loudon, TN0.57Chatuga Coves$225,000.001046379
379 River Bank Loudon, TN1.13Tennessee National$210,000.001036346
182 Oonoga Loudon, TN0.32Toqua Coves$199,000.00989618
208 Amega Loudon, TN0.55Toqua Coves$189,000.001045926
987 Charleston Light Loudon, TN0.21Lighthouse Pointe Ph 3$168,500.001050132
 Matlock Bend Loudon, TN4Lake Shores Add$167,000.00907622
869 Charleston Light Loudon, TN0.2Lighthouse Pointe$160,000.001000335
255 River Bank Loudon, TN1.19Tennessee National$159,900.001044344
190 Oonoga Loudon, TN0.32Toqua Coves$159,000.001039473
136 Oonoga Loudon, TN0.42Toqua Coves$159,000.001011663
202 Oologila Loudon, TN0.57Mialaquo Point$155,000.001045192
497 Charleston Loudon, TN0.21Lighthouse Pointe$149,900.001048194
202 Oologila Loudon, TN0.57Mialaquo Point$145,900.001001927
703 Charleston Loudon, TN0.21Lighthouse Pointe$135,000.001035876
749 Charleston Light Loudon, TNLighthouse Pointe$135,000.001036467
515 Valley Drive Loudon, TN0.5Lake Awana Valley Resort$129,900.001045905
206 Amega Loudon, TN0.53Toqua Coves$129,000.001039938
406 Ookedaliya Loudon, TN0.3Mialaquo Point$119,900.001044716
 Old Highway 72 Loudon, TN7.34$119,000.001030455
 Twin Lakes Loudon, TN3.42The Cove At Blackberry Ridge$119,000.001043029
329 Kiyuga Loudon, TN0.27Chatuga Point$100,000.001043874
166 Inagehi Loudon, TN0.29Mialaquo Coves$100,000.00994850
204 Oonoga Loudon, TN0.48Toqua Coves$99,000.00998465
1177 River Bank Loudon, TN1.27Tennessee National$95,000.001033721
 Lakeview Cove Loudon, TN0.5Lake Awana Valley Resort$93,900.001046274
607 Tanasi Loudon, TN0.37Tanasi Coves$78,000.001002334
106 Oonoga Loudon, TN0.3Toqua Coves$70,000.001009035
216 Oonoga Loudon, TN0.84Toqua Coves$67,000.001034932
101 Oonolehi Loudon, TN0.43Mialaquo Point$50,000.001044084
245 Vineyard Cove Loudon, TN1.06Vineyard Cove$49,000.00950107
271 Cape Cod Lgt. Loudon, TN0.35Lighthouse Pointe$44,900.001049066
103 Oonolehi Loudon, TN0.46Mialaquo Point$35,000.001044085

Lake Lots for Sale in Maryville, TN

117 Indian Shadows Maryville, TN0.6Harbour Place$139,000.001039504

Lake Lots for Sale in Vonore, TN

260 Bay Pointe Vonore, TN0.8Rarity Bay$750,000.001044279
250 Bay Pointe Vonore, TN0.97Rarity Bay$750,000.001044277
175 Amblecrest Vonore, TN1.21Rarity Bay$450,000.001023859
245 Bay Pointe Vonore, TN0.86Rarity Bay$450,000.001025816
130 Cormorant Vonore, TN0.65Rarity Bay$449,500.001014810
 Clark Vonore, TN37$419,000.001044240
200 Bay Pointe Vonore, TN1.14Rarity Bay$399,000.001045727
320 Marsh Hawk Vonore, TN0.39Rarity Bay$399,000.001041089
305 Pineberry Vonore, TN0.37Rarity Bay$396,000.001010658
199 Bay Pointe Vonore, TN1.26Rarity Bay$389,900.00988510
155 Amblecrest Vonore, TNRarity Bay$379,900.001007321
 Didodi Trail Vonore, TNKahite$375,000.001031714
 Three Point Vonore, TN34.32$375,000.001038175
155 Amblecrest Vonore, TN0.76Rarity Bay$354,900.001040771
L-883r Bay Pointe Vonore, TN1.24Rarity Bay$349,900.00998186
140 Hiwonihi Vonore, TN0.44Kahite$349,000.00998034
128 Hiwonihi Vonore, TN0.59Kahite$329,000.001043805
144 Hiwonihi Vonore, TN0.38Kahite$325,000.001022101
Lot 884 Bay Pointe Vonore, TN0.8Rarity Bay$324,000.001030551
 Boiling Springs Vonore, TN186.66N/a$320,000.00892773
148 Hiwonihi Trail Vonore, TN0.57Kahite$320,000.001046724
101 Big Water Vonore, TN0.6Rarity Bay$299,900.001041308
180 Killdeer Vonore, TN0.59Rarity Bay$299,900.001041309
170 Cormorant Vonore, TN0.41Rarity Bay$295,000.001033521
L425 Rock Point Vonore, TN0.51Rarity Bay$295,000.00980052
 Hiwonihi Vonore, TN0.52Kahite$289,900.001040463
 Hiwonihi Trl Vonore, TNKahite$285,000.001036148
331 Goldcrest Vonore, TN0.4Rarity Bay - The Bluffs$275,000.001031155
170 Hiwonihi Vonore, TN0.37Kahite$275,000.00988674
1670 Rarity Bay Vonore, TN0.3Rarity Bay$274,900.001040843
Lot 35 Golanvyi Vonore, TN0.29Kahite$272,000.00998711
180 Cormorant Vonore, TN0.45Rarity Bay$269,900.001015352
161 Golanvyi Vonore, TN0.42Kahite$269,000.00989610
104 Nuthatch Vonore, TN0.48Rarity Bay$265,000.00925134
375 Pineberry Vonore, TNRarity Bay$250,000.001044149
957 Kahite Vonore, TN0.36Kahite/tellico Village$250,000.001032983
177 Golanvyi Vonore, TN0.37Kahite$250,000.00966189
 Kahite Vonore, TN0.31Kahite$250,000.00989710
120 Pineberry Vonore, TN0.4Rarity Bay$249,900.001033345
L926 Rarity Bay Vonore, TN0.32Rarity Bay Phase Viii$249,900.00974013
 Ganega Trl Vonore, TNKahite$225,000.001045787
 Lot 7 Thunder Vonore, TN1.79Thunder Pointe$215,000.001033481
Lot 17 Volunteer Vonore, TN2.11Thunder Pointe$199,900.00952317
129 Breakers Vonore, TN0.3Rarity Bay$199,900.001027648
660 Rarity Bay Vonore, TN0.44Rarity Bay$199,900.001040183
685 Sandpiper Vonore, TNRarity Bay$199,900.001035603
L-426r Rock Point Vonore, TNRarity Bay$199,900.00983996
25-1 Ganega Vonore, TN0.34Kahite$199,000.001039397
L-1221 Goldcrest Vonore, TN0.33Rarity Bay$199,000.001014528
657 Sandpiper Vonore, TN0.5Rarity Bay$198,900.001035158
L-174 Sandpiper Vonore, TNRarity Bay$189,900.001027364
Lot 56 Falcon Vonore, TN0.47Legacy Shores$175,000.001032060
360 Cormorant Vonore, TN0.69Rarity Bay$174,900.001028366
30 Morning Dove Vonore, TN0.57Rarity Bay$170,000.001029694
 Lot 3 Golanvyi Vonore, TN0.5Kahite$169,900.001029658
Lot 51 Falcon Trail Vonore, TNLegacy Shores$169,900.001036259
 Ganega Vonore, TN0.43Kahite$169,900.001011787
 Falcon Tr Lot 44 Vonore, TN0.41Legacy Shores$154,900.001019099
430 Marsh Hawk Vonore, TN0.37Rarity Bay$149,900.001015956
290 Marsh Hawk Vonore, TN0.36Rarity Bay$149,900.00996576
1641 Rarity Bay Parkway Vonore, TNRarity Bay$140,000.001027344
 Falcon Vonore, TN0.28Legacy Shores$134,900.001036014
173 Bat Creek Shores Vonore, TNBat Creek Shores$129,900.001046068
430 Marsh Hawk Vonore, TN0.37Rarity Bay Phase 4 Sec 1$125,000.00915824
 Hiwonihi Vonore, TNKahite$119,500.00959516
Lot 4 Bat Creek Shores Vonore, TNBat Creek Shores$100,000.00997854
465 Falcon Trail Vonore, TNLegacy Shores$99,999.001037361
Lot 39 Falcon Vonore, TN0.29Legacy Shores$99,900.001029282
L-915r Rarity Bay Vonore, TN0.22Rarity Bay$99,900.001042773
261 White Swan Vonore, TN0.5Rarity Bay$99,000.00989171
145 Amblecrest Vonore, TN0.81Rarity Bay$50,000.001028933
 Cherokee Vonore, TNTellico Harbor$14,500.001015852

Equal Housing Opportunity All information furnished regarding Tennessee lake property for sale is deemed reliable. No representation is made as to the accuracy, therefore and is submitted subject to errors, change of price, room dimensions or other conditions, prior sale, or withdrawal without notice. Knoxville KAAR MLS data provided by FlexMLS. Last update 8/14/2018.

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