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Loudoun Lake Homes lots for sale

Fort Loudoun Lake homes for sale in Knoxville, Louisville, Lenoir City and Friendsville, TN. Search Waterfront Homes in established lakefront communities. Real Estate property listings of Loudoun Lake Properties in Tennessee.

Lakefront views on Fort Loudoun Lake

Fabulous lakefront views of Fort Loudoun Lake at Leepers Crossing in Friendsville, TN.

Loudoun Lake Real Estate is available in East Tennessee! Discover some of the best vacation properties available with exceptional views and access to the mountains and lake! Find your slice of paradise with wooded lots for privacy and seclusion.

Loudoun Lake Real Estate

See lake property listings below for our featured inventory of Fort Loudoun Lake Real Estate regarding lake lots for sale on Norris Lake. Be sure to bookmark this page or check it regularly for updated lake property for sale at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Lake Homes for Sale in Knoxville, TN

3411 Tooles Bend Knoxville, TN00.009,000$5,600,000.001031596
930 Osprey Point Knoxville, TN68.0010,000$5,600,000.001043463
10416 Leonidas Meadow Knoxville, TN57.0013,234Arcadia Phase 1a$4,890,000.001033626
5020 Lyons View Knoxville, TN57.008,283$3,995,000.001014296
7812 Kara Knoxville, TN56.509,245Nob Hill Sub$3,495,000.00923174
3109 Tooles Bend Knoxville, TN46.007,673Victorias Inlet$2,999,000.001029871
3528 Captains Knoxville, TN68.0011,701River Club$2,750,000.00985256
1345 Charlottesville Knoxville, TN58.008,945Jefferson Park$2,575,000.001016158
10215 Thimble Fields Knoxville, TN67.007,935Riversound$2,385,000.001035472
10205 River Knoxville, TN65.507,201Riversound$2,295,000.001044274
10201 River Knoxville, TN55.507,142River Sound Unit 3$2,150,000.001039324
5656 Lyons View Knoxville, TN43.504,287Villa Estates At Lyons View$1,998,000.001013115
1701 Blue Water Knoxville, TN45.006,719Ryans Cove$1,989,000.001028037
8504 Badgett Knoxville, TN34.003,319$1,950,000.001039263
3732 Maloney Knoxville, TN55.505,668William T & Mary C Moore Estate E .82 Ac Cal$1,900,000.001038691
12537 Mallard Bay Knoxville, TN55.506,477Mallard Bay Unit 4$1,890,000.001006638
809 Emory Church Knoxville, TN66.505,898None$1,848,500.001042809
1241 Charlottesville Knoxville, TN66.506,023Jefferson Park$1,795,000.001034696
12401 Mallard Bay Knoxville, TN44.005,524Mallard Bay$1,690,000.001038474
12317 Mallard Bay Knoxville, TN77.507,314Mallard Bay Unit 4$1,650,000.001044239
1628 Purple Martin Knoxville, TN54.505,250Andrews Pointe$1,599,000.001027246
1211 Charlottesville Knoxville, TN43.506,000Jefferson Park$1,590,000.00970427
3236 Sunny Cove Knoxville, TN65.007,192Rivendell$1,575,000.00959190
5802 Lyons View Knoxville, TN33.503,565$1,550,000.001018671
12223 Mallard Bay Knoxville, TN55.506,256Mallard Bay$1,499,000.00873243
645 Cheowa Knoxville, TN56.008,156Sequoyah Hills$1,495,000.00978303
3940 Topside Knoxville, TN45.506,000$1,490,000.001022152
8513 River Club Knoxville, TN55.507,731River Club$1,475,000.00991338
8900 Wildflower Knoxville, TN54.505,634Kelsey Forest$1,395,000.00993515
10509 Lake Cove Knoxville, TN54.005,029Northshore Cove S/d Resub$1,389,000.001032232
4215 Beechwood Knoxville, TN44.005,328$1,350,000.001017187
713 Concord Knoxville, TN32.002,912$1,290,000.001045675
10625 Lakecove Knoxville, TN55.506,200Northshore Cove$1,274,000.001020015
5152 Buckhead Knoxville, TN33.505,184Buckhead$1,250,000.001044811
3528 Maloney Knoxville, TN21.001,860$1,200,000.001029535
12618 Amberset Knoxville, TN54.504,478Montgomery Cove$1,200,000.001010262
3125 Great Wood Knoxville, TN54.505,433Rivendell-a Parcel$1,199,000.001030095
3114 Great Wood Knoxville, TN54.504,400Rivendell$1,150,000.001028284
2417 Alcoa Knoxville, TN45.005,084The Barber Estate Resub$999,995.001011677
3007 Shady Glen Knoxville, TN43.003,915Rivendell$999,000.001017639
7044 Lake Bluff Knoxville, TN66.007,924Lakeside Park$990,000.00984522
4015 Topside Knoxville, TN44.503,867$975,000.00986067
1536 Lyons Bend Knoxville, TN32.503,150$950,000.00999095
10657 Lakecove Knoxville, TN44.004,478Northshore Cove S/d Resub$899,000.001041397
3912 Shipwatch Knoxville, TN44.003,846The Anchorage$798,500.00964613
10639 Lakecove Knoxville, TN43.504,536Northshore Cove S/d Resub$798,500.001036958
3001 Rush Miller Knoxville, TN33.503,278Loretta M Burroughs Property$794,000.001037528
2834 Summershade Knoxville, TN33.503,750$765,000.001017070
1021 Perch Knoxville, TN55.005,340Lakewood Add Unit 2$749,900.00933174
12204 Bluff Shore Knoxville, TN44.504,848Lakeshore Meadows Unit 2$729,900.001028376
4303 Guinn Knoxville, TN33.004,000$725,000.001019784
3900 Shipwatch Knoxville, TN43.504,162The Anchorage Anx 980-200-97$699,900.00936094
3137 Gazebo Point Knoxville, TN43.504,470Gazebo At Waterford Cove$699,900.001003601
3115 Gazebo Point Knoxville, TN43.504,519Gazebo At Waterford Cove Final Plat$699,900.00995985
3416 Harbour Front Knoxville, TN34.005,285River Club - The Harbor Community$699,900.00972571
3446 Navigator Pointe Knoxville, TN53.503,427Mariners Pointe$699,500.00994555
3494 Navigator Knoxville, TN43.503,600Mariners Pointe$695,000.00989908
3133 Gazebo Point Knoxville, TN44.504,650Gazebo At Waterford Cove Final Plat$695,000.00955519
2221 Breakwater Knoxville, TN33.503,570River Sound Unit 1$690,000.001034510
3716 River Trace Knoxville, TN32.504,156Rivertrace Sd$675,000.001000726
3556 Navigator Knoxville, TN43.504,126Mariners Pointe $668,900.001011202
12723 Melton Lake Knoxville, TN32.002,390Nancy Lee Estate$649,900.001037663
3201 Gazebo Point Knoxville, TN33.503,100Gazebo At Waterford Cove$599,900.001013528
12428 Boyd Station Knoxville, TN22.002,500$599,000.001010610
12331 Bluff Shore Knoxville, TN34.003,400Lakeshore Meadows$569,900.00935711
3231 Gazebo Point Knoxville, TN44.504,527Gazebo At Waterford Cove$569,900.00940353
3536 Navigator Knoxville, TN44.003,347Mariners Pointe$569,000.00957502
3466 Navigator Knoxville, TN33.503,630Mariners Pointe$549,900.00910182
3560 Navigator Knoxville, TN43.503,777Mariners Pointe$539,000.00914594
6726 Crystal View Knoxville, TN54.505,102Crystal Lake / Beech Grove Springs$538,000.00881000
3520 Navigator Knoxville, TN34.003,600Mariners Pointe$525,000.00938509
5628 Holston Hills Knoxville, TN64.504,520Holston Hills$521,000.001013004
3474 Navigator Knoxville, TN33.503,163Mariners Pointe$499,900.00918795
3223 Gazebo Point Knoxville, TN43.503,961The Gazebo At Waterford Cove$499,900.00849604
11421 Turkey Creek Road Knoxville, TN32.002,816Harvey C. Hankins Properties$489,000.00866122
3720 Holston Hills Knoxville, TN22.001,758$475,000.001020483
3928 Gooseneck Knoxville, TN33.503,000Dovington Estates Replat$475,000.001044156
2906 Gallaher Ferry Knoxville, TN32.502,936$430,000.001021605
2001 Serene Cove Knoxville, TN32.002,000Serenity River Phase 1$420,080.001006938
3912 Gooseneck Knoxville, TN32.502,242Dovington Estates$409,900.00968977
3908 Gooseneck Knoxville, TN32.001,970Dovington Estates$379,900.00996132
506 Riverfront Knoxville, TN32.501,748Riverside Condos$345,000.001013682
506 Riverfront Knoxville, TN32.501,748Riverside I Condos Bdg1 C El6.25%cathedral Un-2$345,000.001045217
1521 Duncan Knoxville, TN42.002,582Crystal Lake$299,900.00915276
2913 Scottish Knoxville, TN21.001,348S Water Front H W Swan Pt$299,000.001016209
11433 Couch Mill Knoxville, TN11.001,800Chase Trail Ii$289,900.001032893
4811 River Place Knoxville, TN22.501,850River Place$289,900.00931575
4829 River Place Knoxville, TN32.501,792River Place$279,900.00945236
3523 Raines Knoxville, TN31.501,624Frank Mccarrell$259,900.001030557
5605 Lake Point Knoxville, TN32.001,620Lake Forest First Add$174,900.001043388
1518 Cliffside Knoxville, TN31.001,200Lakeview Addn$165,000.001037378
6732 Water Lilly Knoxville, TN32.501,426Victoria's Landing$144,900.001004292

Lake Homes for Sale in Louisville, TN

3775 Jackson Bend Louisville, TN66.509,010Jackson Bend$3,500,000.00934893
3824 Compass Pointe Louisville, TN57.5010,000Compass Pointe$3,495,000.00956130
3831 River Vista Way Louisville, TN45.508,032Lashbrooke$2,550,000.00936860
3801 Jackson Bend Louisville, TN45.006,866Jackson Bend$2,490,000.001029911
3753 Jackson Bend Louisville, TN67.509,818Jackson Bend$2,490,000.00940172
3660 Jackson Pointe Louisville, TN54.505,120Jackson Bend Unit 3$2,100,000.001044465
4266 Ridge Water Louisville, TN57.007,000Ridgewater$1,690,000.00992110
4232 Ridge Water Louisville, TN55.007,409Ridgewater$1,675,000.001012586
3926 Logans Landing Louisville, TN66.506,697Logans Landing$1,499,000.00969581
3507 Waterside Louisville, TN77.506,678Lashbrooke$1,495,000.001036262
3642 Jackson Pointe Louisville, TN55.507,493Jackson Bend Unit 3$1,399,000.00951265
3642 Jackson Pointe Louisville, TN55.507,493Jackson Bend Unit 3$1,299,000.001017339
3524 Crown Point Louisville, TN33.004,311Crown Point Estates$1,250,000.00999341
3202 Lowes Landing Louisville, TN55.004,278Lowes Ferry Ph 2$1,125,000.00967007
4438 Forrest Ridge Louisville, TN33.505,500Channel Oaks$1,097,000.00911095
4794 Driftwood Louisville, TN43.504,100Driftwood$1,095,000.001011605
4248 Ridge Water Louisville, TN44.504,633Ridgewater$1,000,000.00981810
3202 Lowes Landing Louisville, TN55.004,278Lowes Ferry$999,000.00914353
2048 Olentangy Louisville, TN33.004,636Na$999,000.001003311
4734 Colonial Harbor Louisville, TN34.003,770Colonial Harbor$975,000.001017336
3710 Riverbrook Louisville, TN34.505,720Riverbrook / Louisville$950,000.001025595
4582 Gravelly Hills Louisville, TN45.507,847Riverpoint$949,000.00866026
4424 Forrest Ridge Louisville, TN34.006,238Channel Oaks$899,900.001009469
3521 Lashbrooke Louisville, TN44.505,100Lashbrooke$899,900.001020144
4244 Ridge Water Louisville, TN24.002,556Ridgewater$898,500.001028264
4012 Holston College Louisville, TN32.502,920J C Leatherwood Farm Sd$789,000.001042918
4358 Gravelly Hills Louisville, TN33.003,853Gravelly Hills$749,900.001040237
4019 Tidewater Louisville, TN55.004,922Ridgewater$649,900.00950175
3244 Cox Louisville, TN64.504,915$589,900.00925721
4619 Scenic Point Louisville, TN53.003,374Scenic Point$575,000.00927991
4223 Smoot Louisville, TN43.003,629Fox Hills Unit 2$495,000.00984819
4823 Riversedge Louisville, TN33.001,616Rivers Edge$399,000.00985030
2822 Louisville Boatdock Louisville, TN33.002,852$395,000.001041406
3322 Leflore Louisville, TN52.002,632Aanco Dev Co Prop$375,000.001000644
3309 Leflore Louisville, TN32.003,100Junaluska$349,900.001020402
4973 Riversedge Louisville, TN33.002,050Riversedge Subdivision$329,000.001003132
1614 Pearly Smith Louisville, TN33.002,128Lake Farm Sd$239,900.001017755
1626 Pearly Smith Louisville, TN31.501,690Lake Farm$224,900.001032136

Lake Homes for Sale in Lenoir City, TN

22000 Beals Chapel Lenoir City, TN55.509,519$4,300,000.001039045
2698 Oakum Lenoir City, TN45.507,623Windriver$2,390,000.00852538
17990 Beals Chapel Lenoir City, TN44.008,930$1,999,000.00960286
505 Conkinnon Lenoir City, TN37.007,175Conkinnon Pointe$1,899,900.001019476
385 Conkinnon Lenoir City, TN45.506,556Conkinnon Pointe$1,699,000.001035490
210 Glen Mar Lenoir City, TN33.505,349Conkinnon Pointe$1,650,000.00932186
575 Conkinnon Lenoir City, TN36.006,322Conkinnon Pointe$1,550,000.001045224
615 Conkinnon Lenoir City, TN34.505,157Conkinnon Pointe$1,450,000.001016686
455 Conkinnon Lenoir City, TN35.506,032Conkinnon Pointe Unit 1$1,360,000.001017242
112 Turtle Cove Lenoir City, TN46.006,750Millers Landing/unit 2$1,350,000.001009907
116 Turtle Cove Lenoir City, TN44.505,951Millers Landing/unit 2$1,199,000.001026204
1492 Twin Coves Lenoir City, TN43.505,436Twin Cove Est.$1,149,000.00964916
1120 Edgewater Lenoir City, TN55.004,824Windriver Fka Rarity Pointe$1,119,000.001018029
556 Cypress Pointe Lenoir City, TN43.003,744Windriver Fka Rarity Pointe$1,099,000.001034522
229 Lake Crest Lenoir City, TN45.506,943Millers Landing$1,000,000.00894853
1909 Brooksview Lenoir City, TN43.503,879Ft. Loudon Estates Ii$949,900.00926118
24429 Beals Chapel Lenoir City, TN45.505,218Chapel Hills$879,900.001039761
275 Elizabeth Lenoir City, TN43.504,568Cruze Estates$850,000.00948241
900 Twin Coves Lenoir City, TN44.505,964Twin Coves Estates$849,999.991044892
1001 Blackberry Ridge Lenoir City, TN42.504,600Blackberry Landing 627.31$849,900.00998283
174 Casa Del Lago Lenoir City, TN54.504,866Casa Del Lago$849,900.001009397
106 Lake Crest Lenoir City, TN65.506,650Millers Landing$830,000.00986460
110 Lake Crest Lenoir City, TN44.506,000Millers Landing$750,000.00932861
123 Clear Cove Lenoir City, TN22.003,564Millers Landing$749,000.00996708
4501 Lakeside Lenoir City, TN21.002,066None$625,000.001044333
4570 Brooksview Lenoir City, TN34.504,013Newberry$599,900.001001334
403 Alexander Lenoir City, TN54.002,991$599,900.00960040
151 Twin Coves Lenoir City, TN53.504,146Twin Cove Estates$579,000.00981454
3865 Sandy Shore Lenoir City, TN33.003,236Ft Loudon Est 3rd Add$575,000.001031056
3000 Sandy Shore Lenoir City, TN54.004,445Fort Loudon$565,000.001030235
23422 Beals Chapel Lenoir City, TN43.002,116$550,000.001000566
1300 Sandy Shore Lenoir City, TN43.003,674Fort Loudon Estates$500,000.001027610
288 Thurmer Lenoir City, TN43.502,880$479,000.00988456
215 Waters Edge Lenoir City, TN43.505,062Waters Edge$465,000.001000608
221 Waters Edge Way Lenoir City, TN53.003,730Waters Edge$449,900.00941706
203 Waters Edge Lenoir City, TN43.002,840Waters Edge$399,000.001033564
5370 Brooksview Lenoir City, TN22.001,832Newberry$389,000.001015376
2138 Palmer Lenoir City, TN22.001,600Shiloh Acres$288,000.00868382
221 Waters Edge Lenoir City, TN33.503,216Waters Edge$199,900.00912994
12600 Lee Lenoir City, TN31.001,263$159,900.001037362

Lake Homes for Sale in Friendsville, TN

643 Watershaw Friendsville, TN44.505,580Watershaw$1,250,000.001030037
627 Watershaw Friendsville, TN35.506,484Watershaw$1,250,000.001035320
645 Watershaw Friendsville, TN43.503,472Watershaw$1,150,000.00994175
648 Watershaw Friendsville, TN34.004,061Watershaw Sd$899,900.001012378
643 Windridge Friendsville, TN46.006,153Leepers Crossing$850,000.001039966
659 Watershaw Friendsville, TN33.004,256Watershaw Point Of View$849,900.001037625
639 Watershaw Friendsville, TN44.004,112Watershaw$849,000.00939303
1141 Sequoyah Friendsville, TN34.504,400Sequoyah Heights$825,000.001035971
766 Sunset Bluff Friendsville, TN44.504,629Leepers Crossing Phase Iii$789,000.001006257
647 Watershaw Friendsville, TN43.503,396Watershaw Sd$699,900.00995855
1013 Parks Friendsville, TN32.502,080Waterhaven$599,777.001002241
323 Windridge Friendsville, TN33.003,448Leepers Crossing$583,900.001037479
1179 Endsley Friendsville, TN32.002,112Connatser Lake Property$549,900.001016812
1147 Chula Vista Friendsville, TN33.504,178Rio Vista Subd Sec. 1$549,000.001043772
722 Lake Vista Friendsville, TN33.002,230Rio Vista Subdivision$500,000.001031162
1041 Pioneer Friendsville, TN22.001,618Waterhaven$449,900.001044632
1053 Pioneer Friendsville, TN34.003,000Parks Bend$439,900.001009417
831 Collie Cove Friendsville, TN54.002,658Collies Cove$429,000.001041152
917 Frontier Friendsville, TN43.003,278Waterhaven Sub$400,000.001002945
232 Disco Loop Friendsville, TN32.001,668Lakeshore Estates$389,000.00926762
1013 Stagecoach Friendsville, TN53.504,510Waterhaven Sub$369,900.001034474
1049 Pioneer Friendsville, TN23.001,846Waterhaven Sub$329,900.001008608
1011 Gilbert Friendsville, TN32.001,344A Valley Estates$149,900.00996084

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