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Norris Lake Homes for Sale in Tennessee. View real estate property listings for Norris Lakefront Homes, Lots and Condos in Andersonville, Caryville, Jacksboro, Lafollette, Maynardville, New Tazwell, Rocky Top, Sharps Chapel, Speedwell, Tazewell and Washburn, TN. Find Vacation Homes and Lakefront Properties in the Norris Lake area! Lakefront and Lake View properties for sale with scenic views of the Mountains.

norris lake homes

If you're in the market for Vacation Homes, Norris Lake is your best choice in East Tennessee! With 809 miles of shoreline, there's plenty of lake property available at a price you can afford. With wooded lots, privacy and the natural beauty of nature it's of little wonder why vacationers in Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Indiana and North Carolina enjoy this special place every year. Norris Lake is a seasonal lake starting from April through September. Discover some of the best vacation properties available for sale with exceptional views and access to the mountains and lake!

Norris Lake Real Estate

See the lake property listings below for our featured inventory of Norris Lake Real Estate regarding lake homes, lots and lake condos for sale on Norris Lake. Be sure to bookmark this page or check it regularly for updated lake property for sale at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Lake Homes for Sale in Andersonville, TN

407 Spinnaker Drive Andersonville, TN44.005,866Harbour Club$1,148,500.001041622
181 Yacht Club Andersonville, TN44.503,348Ridge Runner Court$799,900.001047317
193 Harbour Club Andersonville, TN33.502,459Bay Cove$489,900.001043268
121 Anchor Andersonville, TN43.003,400Harbour Club$409,000.001033001
1235 Sequoyah Andersonville, TN22.002,272Sequoyah Landing$225,000.001039708
156 Cuttawa Andersonville, TN31.00908Pellissippi Point$159,000.001048733

Lake Homes for Sale in Caryville, TN

183 Pine Tree Caryville, TN43.003,847Hide Away Cove$824,900.001051121
337 Fox Ridge Caryville, TN22.003,304Cove Norris$629,900.001044076
1226 Shorewood Lane Caryville, TN43.503,454Cove Norris$619,848.001023164
974 Foxridge Caryville, TN32.504,670Cove Norris$599,900.001046388
961 Foxridge Caryville, TN43.503,021Cove Norris$532,000.001051943
206 Hiawatha Caryville, TN33.502,979Twin Cove Resort$529,000.001045835
217 Broyles Caryville, TN54.003,418$499,000.001037840
107 Turtle Point Caryville, TN33.502,198$449,500.001050297
578 Shorewood Caryville, TN44.004,922Cove Norris$409,900.001040185
515 Perry Smith Caryville, TN32.502,250The Pointe$339,900.001047352
398 Perry Smith Caryville, TN32.001,920The Pointe$284,900.001041814
107 Poplar Caryville, TN31.001,242Twin Cove Resort$250,000.001044962

Lake Homes for Sale in Jacksboro, TN

364 Bluff Trace Jacksboro, TN64.505,984Paradise Cove$998,980.001033218
316 Paradise Jacksboro, TN43.503,945Paradise Cove$599,500.001019719
610 Windsor Jacksboro, TN54.003,613Windsor Pointe$579,000.001028424
367 Clear Lake Jacksboro, TN33.503,584Little Cove Creek$529,000.001044577
192 Archery Jacksboro, TN53.003,454$498,500.001035658
272 Paradise Jacksboro, TN42.503,360Paradise Cove$494,900.001037848
333 Pinetree Jacksboro, TN43.002,621Little Cove Creek$425,000.001051710
208 Arnold Jacksboro, TN32.001,596Hiwassee$424,900.001046096
249 Stoney Rock Jacksboro, TN44.503,486Windsor Pointe$357,000.001034482
389 Clear Lake Jacksboro, TN32.002,384Little Cove Creek$350,000.001025781
211 Windsor Jacksboro, TN11.00604$350,000.001051040
718 Hiwassee Jacksboro, TN22.00864Hiwassee$229,000.001049399

Lake Homes for Sale in Lafollette, TN

841 Crown Pointe Lafollette, TN54.507,079The Peninsula$1,796,700.001012662
943 Crown Pointe Lafollette, TN65.508,254The Peninsula$1,597,600.001014512
180 Cedar Creek Lafollette, TN66.006,200Deerfield Resort$1,499,000.001050700
278 Little Fawn Lafollette, TN84.506,484Deerfield Resort$1,299,000.001036025
442 Norris Crest Drive Lafollette, TN54.506,242Norris Crest$1,229,000.001026531
319 Deer Run Lafollette, TN65.505,554Deerfield Resort$1,200,000.001032905
178 Hilty Head Lafollette, TN54.505,660Deerfield Resort$1,095,000.001043610
292 Deer Meadow Lafollette, TN54.505,200Deerfield Resort$799,900.001049787
276 Norris Crest Lafollette, TN63.504,410Norris Crest$798,500.001051706
450 Teague Lafollette, TN32.001,100$750,000.001046337
765 Deerfield Lafollette, TN65.503,422Deerfield Resort$749,000.001043249
1741 Cove Pointe Lafollette, TN43.504,108Race Track Hollow$729,800.001051840
851 Norris Point Lafollette, TN44.503,824Norris Point$615,000.001000543
552 Little Fawn Lafollette, TN32.503,200Deerfield Resort$599,900.001043534
1691 Cove Point Lafollette, TN34.003,792Race Track Hollow$589,000.001048695
685 Fox Lake Lafollette, TN33.003,780Big Creek$579,500.001030339
389 Lakesprings Lafollette, TN33.503,136Alder Springs$519,900.001042626
121 Little Fawn Lafollette, TN43.004,114Deerfield Resort$498,900.001004109
220 Little Fawn Lafollette, TN33.502,080Deerfield Resort$475,000.001047944
1185 Big Creek Lafollette, TN43.002,512Big Creek$434,900.001052390
1287 Cove Pointe Lafollette, TN33.002,931Cove Pointe$425,000.001033916
717 Bankston Lafollette, TN31.502,724Big Creek$424,900.001019460
406 White Tail Lafollette, TN44.002,200Deerfield Resort$424,000.001028519
709 Waterfront Lafollette, TN64.002,600Lakeside Estates$399,000.001052651
338 Marina Lafollette, TN34.002,895Sugar Hollow$389,900.001022464
267 Mariner Point Road Lafollette, TN53.003,620Sugar Hollow$369,900.001038464
470 Oak Run Lafollette, TN42.002,200Lakeside Acres$365,000.001036130
103 Fox Lafollette, TN22.001,675Big Creek II$359,000.001035372
529 Little Fawn Lafollette, TN54.003,404Deerfield Resort$355,000.001047079
630 Lake Drive Lafollette, TN22.001,982Sudennie$335,000.001016082
222 Big Creek Lafollette, TN33.001,872Big Creek$315,000.001005974
282 Harbor Lafollette, TN32.002,070Rainbow Resort$290,000.001052266
264 Harbor Lafollette, TN22.501,800Rainbow Resort$289,500.001009509
1177 Big Creek Lafollette, TN33.502,400Big Creek$279,000.001019456
602 Wedgewood Lane Lafollette, TN33.002,261Deerfield Resort$249,900.001042187
414 Oak Run Lafollette, TN21.00864Lakeside Estates$229,900.001037885

Lake Homes for Sale in Maynardville, TN

2991 Walker Ford Maynardville, TN44.504,032$699,900.001039294
1983 Hickory Pointe Maynardville, TN33.503,000Hickory Pointe$449,900.001038330
835 Hickory Pointe Maynardville, TN33.502,464Hickory Pointe$441,000.001039057
183 Edwards Maynardville, TN32.001,998Swan Seymours Cool Branch$379,000.001035798
254 Jessee Maynardville, TN32.001,664Dodson Creek$349,900.00984121
178 Jesse Road Maynardville, TN33.502,352Dodson Creek$345,000.001016312
268 Sugar Camp Maynardville, TN23.502,352Sugar Camp$280,000.001021695
111 Edwards Maynardville, TN21.001,152Cool Branch$279,000.001050717
576 Hickory Pointe Maynardville, TN32.502,400Hickory Pointe$162,400.001041797

Lake Homes for Sale in New Tazewell, TN

629 Wildcat Hollow New Tazewell, TN55.505,425Lone Mountain Shores$2,560,000.001040411
1811 Mountain Shores New Tazewell, TN43.504,484Lone Mountain Shores$849,900.001042016
166 Oak Lane New Tazewell, TN44.001,656Cape Norris$650,000.001050551
630 Bluff View New Tazewell, TN22.503,081Lone Mountain Shores$649,900.001010536
104 Shoreside Road New Tazewell, TN32.502,752Lone Mountain Shores$628,700.001035357
2223 Chimney Rock New Tazewell, TN33.503,644Lone Mountain Shores$525,000.001006906
658 Cape Norris New Tazewell, TN32.002,000Cape Norris$350,000.001049975
241 Settlers Point Rd New Tazewell, TN33.502,160Lone Mountain Shores$299,950.001030425
496 Cape Norris New Tazewell, TN32.002,752Cape Norris$299,000.001038196
188 Ridgecrest Dr New Tazewell, TN23.001,992Lone Mountain Shores$285,900.001038768
450 Cape Norris New Tazewell, TN42.00864Cape Norris$275,000.001052281
117 Summer Breeze New Tazewell, TN32.001,600Summer Breeze$249,900.001047559

Lake Homes for Sale in Rocky Top, TN

No results found.

Lake Homes for Sale in Sharps Chapel, TN

583 Norris Shores Sharps Chapel, TN44.005,176Norris Shores$1,000,000.001051303
1073 Lakeview Sharps Chapel, TN54.506,300Norris Shores$995,000.001017676
115 Big Bend Point Sharps Chapel, TN43.504,746Norris Shores$975,000.001047301
310 Old Leadmine Bend Rd. Sharps Chapel, TN33.505,173Pinnacle Pointe$850,000.001045987
202 Shainas Sharps Chapel, TN44.503,105Sunset Bay$820,000.001049956
181 Beehive Sharps Chapel, TN42.503,168Sunset Bay$749,900.001037126
300 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN54.004,232Sunset Bay$694,000.001026140
125 Hidden Cove Ln. Sharps Chapel, TN33.004,920Norris Shores$599,000.001041084
326 Reginas Sharps Chapel, TN44.002,712Sunset Bay$595,000.001040803
195 Blue Diamond Sharps Chapel, TN32.502,973Norris Shores$587,500.001006887
245 Norris Shores Lane Sharps Chapel, TN33.003,100Norris Shores$549,900.001031314
881 Lakeview Sharps Chapel, TN43.503,600Norris Shores$540,000.001038610
845 Lakeview Sharps Chapel, TN33.003,240Norris Shores$515,000.001008132
921 Lakeview Dr. Sharps Chapel, TN22.003,200Norris Shores$499,000.001020425
155 Hidden Cove Sharps Chapel, TN43.002,232Norris Shores$449,900.001031407
113 Trails End Sharps Chapel, TN33.001,800Tanglewood Shores$399,000.001038729
150 Ridgeland Pt. Sharps Chapel, TN22.002,400Norris Shores$395,000.001049285
129 Trails End Sharps Chapel, TN42.002,576Tanglewood Shores$389,000.001045274
115 Ridgeland Lane Sharps Chapel, TN32.002,621Norris Shores$375,000.001000971
163 Twilight Sharps Chapel, TN43.503,183Waterside Cove$336,600.001022837
167 Twilight Sharps Chapel, TN43.502,937Waterside Cove$316,150.001022831
173 Twilight Sharps Chapel, TN43.502,937Waterside Cove$313,650.001050586
1031 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN32.502,200Sunset Bay$299,900.001038926
475 Old Leadmine Bend Rd Sharps Chapel, TN31.003,800Lead Mine Bend$269,900.001010744
171 Twilight Sharps Chapel, TN32.501,922Waterside Cove$248,475.001049568
100 Mountain Sharps Chapel, TN32.002,464Pinnacle Pointe$235,000.001033748

Lake Homes for Sale in Speedwell, TN

122 Harness Speedwell, TN64.504,091Overlook Bay$849,900.001018510
338 Tack Trl Speedwell, TN34.003,386Overlook Bay$485,000.001051002
115 Flat Lake Speedwell, TN63.502,744Flat Hollow$399,900.001040385
144 Flat Hollow Marina Speedwell, TN63.002,640Flat Hollow$399,900.001036529
915 Flat Hollow Marina Speedwell, TN32.001,466Flat Hollow$279,000.001042938
180 Flat Hollow Marina Speedwell, TN43.001,920Flat Hollow$269,900.001048906
162 Lake Hollow Speedwell, TN32.001,152$155,000.001052060

Lake Homes for Sale in Tazewell, TN

115 Cove Tazewell, TN43.003,152Woodlake Golf Community$324,900.001010743

Lake Homes for Sale in Washburn, TN

860 Black Fox Washburn, TN34.506,724Black Fox Harbor$850,000.001049381
181 Norris Point Washburn, TN42.503,100Norris Point$695,500.001035190

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