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Fort Loudoujn Lake lots for sale

Find Lake lots for sale on Fort Loudoun Lake. Search wooded, cleared, flat and rolling lake property for sale in Knoxville, Louisville, Lenoir City and Friendsville, TN. Real Estate property listings of Loudoun Lake lakefront properties in Tennessee. Build your dream Waterfront Home in Tennessee!

Loudoun Lake Real Estate

See lake property listings below for our featured inventory of Fort Loudoun Lake Real Estate regarding lake lots for sale on Norris Lake. Be sure to bookmark this page or check it regularly for updated lake property for sale at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Lake Lots for Sale in Knoxville, TN

910 Osprey Point Knoxville, TN3.3$1,300,000.001045014
 Emory Church Knoxville, TN28$1,250,000.001040009
1421 Charlottesville Knoxville, TN5.91Jefferson Park$1,200,000.001033373
10400 Leonidas Meadow Knoxville, TN1.83Arcadia Peninsula Phase 1a$1,000,000.001006882
 Kelsey Knoxville, TN4.1$949,500.00990322
3103 Tooles Bend Knoxville, TN2.83Victoria's Inlet$699,000.001057046
1500 Regiment Knoxville, TNHarpers Cove$675,000.001061820
0 Harvey Knoxville, TN10.6$649,900.001015229
1508 Regiment Knoxville, TN1.3Harpers Cove$645,000.001061824
1526 Regiment Knoxville, TNHarpers Cove$629,500.001061835
1520 Regiment Knoxville, TN1.03Harpers Cove$625,000.001061834
1514 Regiment Knoxville, TN1.19Harpers Cove$615,000.001061832
0 Maloney Knoxville, TN4.31No$599,000.001034179
1532 Regiment Knoxville, TNHarpers Cove$590,000.001061837
2738 Gallaher Ferry Knoxville, TN7.01$550,000.001059457
5341 Hickory Hollow Knoxville, TN2.23Lyons Bend$550,000.00989521
12533 Mallard Bay Knoxville, TN1.23Mallard Bay$549,900.001037512
1632 Purple Martin Knoxville, TNAndrews Pointe Final Plat$549,000.00911056
1702 Gull Knoxville, TN2.28Turtle Point Sub$539,000.001003599
5340 Hickory Hollow Knoxville, TN3.11Lyons Bend$519,000.00961710
9440 View Point Knoxville, TN5.39View Point$495,000.001023072
1538 Regiment Knoxville, TNHarpers Cove$460,000.001061840
3215 River Bank Knoxville, TN1.4View Point$455,000.00973288
6141 Burnett Creek Knoxville, TN38.7$450,000.00917025
12601 Mallard Bay Knoxville, TNMallard Bay$398,000.00973767
 Williams Bend Knoxville, TN5.66$395,000.001049326
1207 Charlottesville Knoxville, TN1Jefferson Park$375,000.001043776
Lot 9 & 10 Windy Ridge Knoxville, TN1.99Lakeshore Meadows Unit 2$350,000.001046609
3235 Rush Miller Lot 1 Knoxville, TN5.9$299,900.001063199
3235 Rush Miller Lot 3 Knoxville, TN6.39$299,900.001063194
9409 View Point Lane Knoxville, TN2.62Viewpoint Unit 2$299,500.001007772
Lot # 6 Emory Church Knoxville, TN2.38Westland Cove$299,000.00999591
909 Emory Church Knoxville, TN2None$295,000.001042790
Lot # 5 Emory Church Knoxville, TN1.2Westland Cove$289,900.00999589
909 Emory Church Knoxville, TN2.1None$285,000.001042787
3050 Cox Knoxville, TN12.33$239,000.00947470
3906 Shipwatch Knoxville, TNThe Anchorage$234,900.00957025
 Rivertrace Knoxville, TN0.84Rivertrace$184,900.001042652
 Rivertrace Knoxville, TN0.72Herman Jesse Tallman Property$149,900.001062671
2005 Serene Cove Knoxville, TN0.45Serenity River$109,000.00947559
1950 Serene Cove Knoxville, TN0.82Serenity River$80,000.00947555
2017 Serene Cove Knoxville, TN0.39Serenity River$80,000.00947562
2023 Serene Cove Knoxville, TN0.36Serenity River$70,000.00947563
1942 Serene Cove Knoxville, TN0.74Serenity River$60,000.00947554

Lake Lots for Sale in Louisville, TN

 Jones Bend Louisville, TN145$2,750,000.00995980
4330 Gravelly Hills Louisville, TN36.22$2,300,000.001035893
228 Osprey Point Louisville, TN7.65Osprey Point$1,500,000.001052894
4402 Gravelly Hills Louisville, TN21.4$1,350,000.001035897
242 Osprey Point Louisville, TN6.43Osprey Point$1,250,000.001052897
3647 Lowes Ferry Louisville, TN6.47Osprey Point$1,250,000.001052895
236 Osprey Point Louisville, TN6.79Osprey Point$1,250,000.001052896
250 Osprey Point Louisville, TN6.38Osprey Point$1,250,000.001052898
262 Osprey Point Louisville, TN7.44Osprey Point$1,250,000.001052899
259 Osprey Point Louisville, TN8.4Osprey Point$1,250,000.001052900
245 Osprey Point Louisville, TN6.74Osprey Point$1,250,000.001052901
233 Osprey Point Louisville, TN6.97Osprey Point$1,250,000.001052902
 Rankin Ferry Louisville, TN20.79$975,000.001049510
3938 River Bend Louisville, TN3.33Compass Pointe$409,900.00873019
3652 Jackson Pointe Louisville, TN1.68Jackson Bend$399,000.001053211
3834 Coveside Louisville, TN4Jackson Bend$385,000.00920534
 Jackson Bend Louisville, TN5.92Jackson Bend$359,000.001041769
Lot 18 Promontory Louisville, TN1.38Lowes Ferry$349,900.001060554
3203 Lowes Landing Louisville, TN0.92Lowes Ferry$330,000.001059213
 Jackson Bend Louisville, TN5.92Jackson Bend$300,000.00941897
3673 Waterside Louisville, TN0.56Lashbrooke$289,000.001000078
 Promontory Louisville, TN0.6Lowes Ferry Ph 1$285,000.00932178
3946 Logans Landing Louisville, TN1.06Logans Landing$274,500.001039679
3714 Promontory Louisville, TN0.87Lowes Ferry Ph 1$264,900.00956996
0 Gravelly Hills Louisville, TN2.24$250,000.001046784
4123 Heron Hill Louisville, TN0.87$249,995.001029899
 Delta Queen Louisville, TN14.5River Bend$249,900.00997895
3456 Wayne Rankin Louisville, TN1.23Cflr Properties$229,900.001032475
4498 Lowes Ferry Louisville, TN5.2Prater Property$229,900.00894797
4352 Gravelly Hills Louisville, TN1$223,900.001015860
Lot 51 Promontory Louisville, TN0.75Lowes Ferry$209,900.001059925
Lot 48 Promontory Louisville, TN0.87Lowes Ferry$199,900.001040638
3262 Lowes Landing Louisville, TN0.7Lowes Ferry Ph 2$199,900.001005695
 Lot 32 Promontory Louisville, TN0.91Lowes Ferry$195,900.00998111
 Lillard Louisville, TN1.97$179,000.00875259
 Logans Landing Louisville, TN1.06Logans Landing$175,000.00927797
3206 Lowes Landing Louisville, TN1.07Lowes Ferry$169,000.001030690
 Promontory Pt Louisville, TN0.9Lowes Ferry$167,900.001025432
3335 Big Cove Lane Louisville, TN0.68Castaway Cove$154,900.001001059
 Rivers Edge Louisville, TNRivers Edge$150,000.00975890
3252 Lowes Landing Louisville, TNLowes Landing$149,900.00954188
3256 Lowes Landing Louisville, TN0.72Lowes Ferry$149,900.00980403
 Ballards Way Louisville, TN3.90$149,500.00824863
3016 Jeffries Louisville, TN0.97Jeffries Court$149,500.00988678
3008 Jeffries Louisville, TN1.28Jeffries Court$139,900.00996997
 Riversedge Louisville, TN1.11$130,000.001051619
 Devault Louisville, TN2.68Devault Meadows$125,000.00844692
 Riversedge Louisville, TN1.14$120,000.001051648

Lake Lots for Sale in Lenoir City, TN

1301 Shadow Hill Lenoir City, TN0.99Windriver$749,000.001007433
1298 Edgewater Lenoir City, TN0.98Windriver$625,000.001047031
512 Careen Lenoir City, TN0.53Windriver Fka Rarity Pointe$599,000.001014921
625 & 635 Conkinnon Drive Lenoir City, TN2.82Conkinnon Pointe$583,000.001062743
180 Beckets Lenoir City, TN0.66Windriver$525,000.001064496
2067 Taffrail Lenoir City, TN0.53Windriver Fka Rarity Pointe$515,000.001063448
16329 Lighthouse Pointe Lenoir City, TN0.63Windriver$479,000.00962902
105 Harbor Point Cove Lenoir City, TN1.16Millers Landing$475,000.001022155
 Fairview Lenoir City, TN27.85Fairview Road-tellico Lake$474,900.00972434
341 Edgewater Lenoir City, TN0.45Windriver$459,900.00925827
410 Viking Lenoir City, TN0.84Beals Landing$455,000.00960950
565 Conkinnon Lenoir City, TN0.78Conkinnon Pointe Unit 1$450,000.00922128
273 Edgewater Lenoir City, TN0.46Windriver$415,000.001064838
225 Edgewater Lenoir City, TN0.39Windriver$395,000.001056155
24450 Beals Chapel Lenoir City, TN2.26Chapel Hills$389,000.00976396
1030 Shadow Hill Lenoir City, TN1.24Windriver$389,000.001063197
820 Edgewater Lenoir City, TN0.72Windriver$385,000.00944038
200 Edgewater Lenoir City, TN0.32Windriver Fka Rarity Pointe$380,000.001035600
467 Careen Lenoir City, TN0.35Windriver$375,000.00999880
 Sandy Shore Lenoir City, TNFt Loudon Est 3rd Add$375,000.001064567
740 Donaldson Light Lenoir City, TN0.9$374,900.00963106
1081 Zepher Lenoir City, TN0.62Windriver$365,000.001059351
1212 Shadow Hill Lenoir City, TN1.15Windriver$355,000.001069725
 Fairview Lenoir City, TN35.94Fairview$350,000.001033125
160 Edgewater Lenoir City, TN0.45Windriver$350,000.00989298
1224 Taffrail Lenoir City, TN0.55Windriver$349,900.001064833
1802 Taffrail Lenoir City, TN0.46Windriver$349,900.001064836
18800 Lighthouse Pointe Lenoir City, TN0.51Windriver$329,500.001052265
 Harbour View Lenoir City, TN1.06Point Harbour$300,000.001036029
973 Zepher Lenoir City, TN0.74Windriver$299,900.00895529
1922 Taffrail Lenoir City, TN0.42Windriver$299,900.001058527
317 Admiral Lenoir City, TN0.53Windriver$299,000.001041030
369 Zepher Lenoir City, TN0.85Windriver$299,000.00878994
624 Cypress Pointe Lenoir City, TN0.49Windriver$295,000.001034941
1668 Taffrail Lenoir City, TN0.53Windriver Fka Rarity Pointe$280,000.00965799
108 Long Cove Lenoir City, TN0.89Millers Landing$279,000.00903426
315 Conkinnon Lenoir City, TN0.91Conkinnon Pointe Unit 1$274,900.001032500
 Riverview Rd Lenoir City, TN$265,000.001009310
204 Cypress Pointe Lenoir City, TN0.34Windriver Fka Rarity Pointe$260,000.001065603
17546 Lighthouse Pointe Lenoir City, TN0.51Windriver$260,000.00998856
205 Admiral Lenoir City, TN0.73Windriver$250,000.001063515
477 Zepher Lenoir City, TN0.71Windriver$249,000.00915070
298 Cypress Pointe Lenoir City, TN0.3Windriver$249,000.001010890
17394 Lighthouse Pointe Lenoir City, TN0.42Windriver$229,000.00998855
16844 Lighthouse Pointe Lenoir City, TN0.49Windriver$228,000.001066764
460 Cypress Pointe Lenoir City, TN0.39Wind River$225,000.001059543
1150 Deep Cove Lenoir City, TN1.93Lake View$219,900.001063385
17012 Lighthouse Pointe Lenoir City, TN0.4Windriver Fka Rarity Pointe$183,000.001030379
2512 Lakeland Lenoir City, TN4$175,000.001010822
 Rocky Top Rd Lenoir City, TN3.6Beech Grove Estates$162,000.001065857
 Rest Camp Road Lot 9 Lenoir City, TN10.71$149,900.001068041
694 Taffrail Lenoir City, TN0.9Windriver Fka Rarity Pointe$149,000.001067155
17012 Lighthouse Pointe Lenoir City, TN0.4Windriver$125,000.00936098
237 Waters Edge Lenoir City, TN0.32Waters Edge$99,000.001034264
229 Waters Edge Lenoir City, TN0.29Waters Edge$69,950.001034256
213 Waters Edge Lenoir City, TN0.29Waters Edge$69,950.001034261
219 Waters Edge Lenoir City, TN0.32Waters Edge$69,950.001034266
231 Waters Edge Lenoir City, TN0.28Waters Edge$69,950.001034269

Lake Lots for Sale in Friendsville, TN

 Collie Cove Court Friendsville, TN31.87$595,000.00876345
156 Cedar Crest Friendsville, TN5.39$399,900.001068418
1002 Parks Ferry Friendsville, TN1.6$339,900.001053289
3054 Marmore Friendsville, TN5$229,900.001044879
Lot 4 Parks Ferry Friendsville, TN1.15Serenity Cove$209,899.001068888
Lot 81 Lake Vista Friendsville, TN2.27Rio Vista$189,900.001047858
787 Sunset Bluff Friendsville, TN0.7Leeper Crossing$114,900.001032162
 Gilbert Friendsville, TNA Valley Est Sec 1$75,000.001057654

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