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Tellico Lake Homes for Sale

View Tellico Lake Real Estate. Search Lake Homes in Tennessee. Real Estate property listings of Tellico Lake Homes in Loudon, Maryville and Vonore, TN. Find your dream waterfront retirement golf and lake community on Tellico Lake!

Boating on Tellico Lake
Tellico Lake is a boaters paradise! Enjoy year round deep water with a mild four season climate. Tennessee offers an affordable retirement lifestyle.

Tellico Lake Real Estate

See lake property listings below for our featured inventory of Loudoun Lake Real Estate regarding lake homes, lots and lake condos for sale on Tellico Lake. Be sure to bookmark this page or check it regularly for updated lake property for sale at Loudoun Lake, Tennessee.

Lake Homes for Sale in Loudon, TN

234 Tecumseh Loudon, TN58.508,895Tanasi Coves$2,395,000.001012810
326 Okmulgee Loudon, TN44.006,452Tanasi Point$1,499,000.00951124
223 Sequoyah Loudon, TN44.506,207Chota Point$1,400,000.00988167
208 Tuscarora Loudon, TN33.505,257Tommotley Shores$1,299,900.00897552
116 Coyatee Point Loudon, TN33.505,222Coyatee Point$1,227,000.00915559
230 Tecumseh Loudon, TN44.006,200Tanasi Coves$1,199,000.00997009
309 Saloli Loudon, TN44.504,685Chatuga Coves$1,097,500.00881211
215 Iroquois Loudon, TN43.504,062Tommotley Shores$1,075,000.001034382
138 Noya Loudon, TN44.505,520Mialaquo Point$1,050,000.00954178
320 Okmulgee Loudon, TN45.004,827Tanasi Point$999,000.00963872
214 Dudala Loudon, TN33.002,908Mialaquo Coves$995,000.00992198
206 Piute Trce Loudon, TN55.505,500Tanasi Coves$975,000.00959394
308 Okmulgee Loudon, TN43.503,870Tanasi Point$974,900.00960890
316 Miami Loudon, TN43.504,741Tommotley Coves$959,000.00919817
185 Chuniloti Loudon, TN55.005,365Toqua Shores$890,000.001005070
170 Noya Loudon, TN34.004,161Mialaquo Point$889,000.001038922
116 Oostagala Loudon, TN43.003,465Mialaquo Point$849,900.001028818
204 Tanasi Loudon, TN43.003,351Tellico Village$849,000.001018152
119 Saligugi Loudon, TN43.504,005Toqua Point$825,000.00995114
237 Coyatee Shores Loudon, TN43.003,784The Shores At Tellico Village$824,900.001044792
110 Oostagala Loudon, TN43.503,541Mialaquo Point$819,000.001007523
199 Amohi Loudon, TN44.004,224Toqua Coves$799,900.00958963
219 Coyatee Shores Loudon, TN43.504,011The Shores$799,000.001002398
205 Sequoyah Loudon, TN43.503,512Chota Point$795,000.00930704
153 Walosi Loudon, TN44.505,603Toqua Greens$785,000.001003085
304 Piute Loudon, TN33.503,292Tanasi Coves$775,000.001022741
274 Cheestana Loudon, TN43.504,100Toqua Shores$765,000.001026556
228 Tecumseh Loudon, TN44.005,200Tanasi Coves$749,900.00977505
168 Oonoga Loudon, TN33.003,911Toqua Coves$745,000.00907119
110 Inagehi Loudon, TN44.003,480Mialaquo Coves$729,750.001007312
108 Kawonu Circle Loudon, TN32.504,400Chota Shores$725,000.00998130
212 Tanasi Lagoon Loudon, TN33.503,512Tanasi Lagoon$725,000.001007676
305 Inagehi Loudon, TN33.503,592Mialaquo Coves$725,000.00878586
309 Seminole Shrs Loudon, TN32.502,902Coyatee Coves$715,000.00993140
298 Cheestana Loudon, TN43.505,522Toqua Shores$700,000.00967381
108 Mohawk Loudon, TN43.004,500Tommotley Shores$699,999.00911250
121 Oostagala Loudon, TN42.503,873Mialaquo Point$699,900.001015281
201 Iroquois Loudon, TN33.004,104Tommotley Shores$699,900.00919267
221 Chatuga Loudon, TN44.003,446Chatuga Point$695,000.001037875
294 Cheestana Loudon, TN33.504,117Toqua Shores$689,000.001021770
RESTRICTED Restricted Loudon, TN32.503,294Mialaquo Coves$675,000.001026099
235 Chatuga Loudon, TN43.503,736Chatuga Point$649,900.001027400
155 Saloli Loudon, TN42.502,646Chatuga Coves$645,000.001027212
118 Kawonu Loudon, TN43.003,233Chota Shores$629,900.00996540
7619 Hotchkiss Valley Loudon, TN54.504,608$627,619.001023968
122 Oonoga Loudon, TN43.504,324Toqua Coves$599,000.00968046
286 Cheestana Loudon, TN32.502,210Toqua Shores$595,000.001015070
105 Hiawassee Loudon, TN44.502,502Chota Cove$585,000.001007736
166 Noya Loudon, TN33.503,193Mialaquo Point$579,900.00945181
307 Oktana Loudon, TN32.502,848Tanasi Lagoon$555,000.00952293
437 Tanasi Loudon, TN32.502,529Tanasi Coves$529,000.00998979
124 Kawonu Loudon, TN43.002,963Chota Shores$525,000.001032204
239 Chatuga Loudon, TN43.504,312Chatuga Point$524,900.00987566
423 Valley Loudon, TN23.004,000Lake Awana Valley Resort$500,000.00962011
198 Oonoga Way Loudon, TN32.503,150Toqua Coves$479,000.00990015
315 Saloli Loudon, TN43.003,204Chatuga Coves$460,000.001006527
2092 Lakewood Loudon, TN43.003,950Watts Bar Est$449,900.001038601
1550 Scenic View Loudon, TN33.505,117Riverview Farms$425,000.00998829
791 Charleston Light Loudon, TN32.001,838Lighthouse Pointe$399,900.00984099
217 Bokoshe Loudon, TN42.503,062Chatuga Point Courts$369,900.001017332
406 Lakeview Cove Loudon, TN42.002,457Lake Awana Valley Resort$350,000.00982727
215 Bokoshe Loudon, TN32.502,279Chatuga Point Courts$329,000.00968563
879 Matlock Shores Loudon, TN32.002,728Lake Shores Add 2 2/72$252,000.00884332
239 Channel Loudon, TN42.002,260Lake Awana Valley$230,000.00957154
402 Lakeview Cove Loudon, TN32.001,568Lake Awana Valley Resort$199,999.00921466
1101 Main Loudon, TN33.501,795Lakeside Village$199,900.00959281

Lake Homes for Sale in Maryville, TN

209 Gap Cove Maryville, TN44.503,555The Retreat At Butterfly Gap$995,000.001032251
119 Indian Shadows Maryville, TN43.505,552Harbour Place$699,900.001009728
1532 Sequoia Maryville, TN34.004,868Tellico Harbor Sect A$679,000.001012737
1725 Arrowhead Maryville, TN43.503,300Tellico Harbor$425,000.00999890
2902 Lovingood Maryville, TN32.002,598$424,900.001017084
1520 Sequoia Maryville, TN33.502,800Tellico Harbor Sect A$399,900.00996609
230 Cedar Pointe Maryville, TN33.503,870$399,000.00921786

Lake Homes for Sale in Vonore, TN

RESTRICTED Restricted Vonore, TN714.0015,851Rarity Bay$2,790,000.001034031
220 Bay Pointe Vonore, TN56.009,521Rarity Bay/bay Pointe$1,900,000.001008481
255 Bay Pointe Vonore, TN45.006,224Rarity Bay$1,775,000.001039143
225 Big Water Vonore, TN45.507,779Rarity Bay$1,750,000.001039116
190 Chickadee Vonore, TN55.0010,093Rarity Bay$1,750,000.001033319
190 Cormorant Vonore, TN44.008,323Rarity Bay$1,750,000.001015540
225 Big Water Vonore, TN35.007,479Rarity Bay$1,650,000.00967673
20 Morning Dove Vonore, TN45.005,260Rarity Bay$1,500,000.001018236
140 Ganega Vonore, TN55.506,966Kahite$1,499,999.001032187
150 Chickadee Vonore, TN57.007,224Rarity Bay$1,499,000.001035377
175 Rock Point Vonore, TN34.006,337Rarity Bay$1,399,900.001036005
150 Hiwonihi Vonore, TN45.005,947Kahite$1,285,000.00984988
200 Thunder Vonore, TN57.507,581Thunder Pointe$1,175,000.001033419
913 Kahite Trail Vonore, TN54.505,340Kahite$1,156,000.001006408
295 Pineberry Vonore, TN55.506,648Rarity Bay$1,109,000.001018984
190 Marsh Hawk Vonore, TN44.505,052Rarity Bay$1,100,000.001017920
140 Chickadee Vonore, TN54.506,061Rarity Bay$1,000,000.001014044
235 Pineberry Vonore, TN36.506,374Rarity Bay$999,000.00979819
275 Rock Point Vonore, TN54.505,435Rarity Bay$999,000.001043192
106 Hiwonihi Vonore, TN33.504,614Kahite-tellico Village$955,000.00995557
1141 Kahite Trail Vonore, TN45.004,700Kahite$955,000.001016249
350 Marsh Hawk Vonore, TN44.505,284Rarity Bay$950,000.00998503
150 Thunder Road Vonore, TN45.006,000Thunder Pointe$949,000.001005362
132 Hiwonihi Vonore, TN43.504,559Kahite$900,000.001018653
633 Sandpiper Drive Vonore, TN43.504,858Rarity Bay$899,900.00997313
169 Golanvyi Trail Vonore, TN43.504,166Kahite$899,700.001032019
174 Hiwonihi Vonore, TN33.504,900Kahite$899,000.001038762
973 Kahite Trail Vonore, TN43.504,313Kahite$889,000.00994325
159 Pineberry Vonore, TN44.504,848Rarity Bay$880,000.001024105
209 Rock Point Dr Vonore, TN43.504,916Rarity Bay$879,000.001019569
210 Marsh Hawk Vonore, TN44.003,021Rarity Bay$875,000.00944263
637 Sandpiper Vonore, TN33.004,400Rarity Bay$865,000.001038629
457 Lakeside Vonore, TN54.006,989$839,900.001024500
965 Kahite Vonore, TN32.503,786Kahite$799,900.00964550
301 Rock Point Vonore, TN34.004,795Rarity Bay$799,900.001010489
145 Pineberry Vonore, TN33.505,976Rarity Bay$799,900.00991714
280 Marsh Hawk Vonore, TN45.004,714Rarity Bay Phase 4 Sec. 1$769,900.001026657
165 Rock Point Vonore, TN42.504,038Rarity Bay$749,900.001033972
605 Sandpiper Vonore, TN42.503,974Rarity Bay$725,000.00968245
945 Kahite Vonore, TN33.503,368Kahite$685,700.00950106
173 Golanvyi Vonore, TN34.004,372Kahite$655,000.001009245
283 Falcon Vonore, TN44.002,669Legacy Shores$599,900.001039756
260 Morning Dove Vonore, TN32.502,677Rarity Bay$550,000.001039989
245 Golanvyi Trl Vonore, TN32.002,400Kahite$529,000.001001924
724 Wood Duck Vonore, TN43.003,538Rarity Bay$529,000.00990106
149 Mount Vista Vonore, TN23.002,102Lakeside Mountain Vistas$499,900.001023572
188 Ganega Vonore, TN43.003,356Kahite$475,000.00949381
115 Gogeyi Trl Vonore, TN33.003,212Kahite$469,000.001035813
440 Morning Dove Vonore, TN32.502,864Rarity Bay Phase 4 Sec 2$439,900.00980723
370 Morning Dove Vonore, TN32.502,900Rarity Bay$432,800.00981220
420 Morning Dove Vonore, TN32.502,500Rarity Bay Phase 4 Sec 2$429,900.00999486
340 Morning Dove Vonore, TN43.002,700Rarity Bay$399,000.00998997
725 Corntassel Vonore, TN32.001,540Lake View$199,700.001026258

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