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Find Norris Lake lots for sale. Search wooded, flat and rolling lake lots for sale in Andersonville, Caryville, Jacksboro, Lafollette, Maynardville, New Tazewell, Rocky Top, Sharps Chapel, Speedwell, Tazewell and Washburn, TN. Find real estate property listings for lake property in Tennessee. Build your dream Vacation Home at Norris Lake, TN!

Norris Lake Real Estate is available in East Tennessee! Discover some of the best vacation properties available with exceptional views and access to the mountains and lake! Find your slice of paradise with wooded lots for privacy and seclusion.

Norris Lake Real Estate

See lake property listings below for our featured inventory of Norris Lake Real Estate regarding lake lots for sale on Norris Lake. Be sure to bookmark this page or check it regularly for updated lake property for sale at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Lake Lots for Sale in Andersonville, TN

 Highway 61 Andersonville, TN31$549,900.00940739
 Mill Creek Run Andersonville, TN0.85Norris Landing$220,000.001036373
16 Hagaman Andersonville, TN0.52$138,000.001037572
Lots 40-41 Duncan Ln Andersonville, TN0.8Anderson County Sportsman Club$89,900.001029883
 Schooner Ln Lot 34 Andersonville, TN0.87Harbour Club$44,000.001034729
 Schooner Andersonville, TN0.72Harbour Club$42,500.001036688

Lake Lots for Sale in Caryville, TN

 Fox Ridge Caryville, TNCave Norris$275,000.001025743
Lot 20 Shorewood Caryville, TN0.48Cove Norris$219,000.001017711
 Lakemont Caryville, TN6.9Lakemont$185,000.001030949
 Lakemont Caryville, TN4.15Lakemont$175,000.001031006
 Lakemont Caryville, TN4.37Lakemont$150,000.001030509
 Andrews Caryville, TN2.99$125,000.001030319
Lot 1 Shorewood Caryville, TN1.08Cove Norris$99,000.00998545
 Shorewood Ln Caryville, TNCove Norris$79,900.001035785

Lake Lots for Sale in Jacksboro, TN

 Landmark Road Jacksboro, TN55.73$900,000.00963319
196 Mariel Jacksboro, TN71.63$459,000.001028602
Lot 39 Windsor Lane Jacksboro, TN0.4Windsor Pointe$272,000.001030035
0 Landmark Jacksboro, TN15.6$225,000.001024126
 Rocky Top Lane Lot 48 and 68 Jacksboro, TN1Windsor Pointe$99,900.00999410
 Bluff Jacksboro, TN1.32Paradise Cove$89,900.00992562
 Bluff Jacksboro, TN1.42Paradise Cove$89,900.00992563
Lot 50 Stony Rock Jacksboro, TN0.86Windsor Pointe$59,900.001004003
 Bluff Trace, Lot #7 Jacksboro, TN0.52Paradise Cove$59,500.001031257
 Bluff Trace, Lot #8 Jacksboro, TN0.65Paradise Cove$59,500.001031258
 Hiwassee Dr Jacksboro, TN3.08Hiwassee$25,000.001028701
 Yoakum Hollow Jacksboro, TNHiwassee$20,000.001021148

Lake Lots for Sale in Lafollette, TN

 E. Norris Point Lafollette, TN$849,900.001035812
 Powder Mill Lafollette, TN46Powder Mill$750,000.001029003
 Little Fawn Lafollette, TN1.01Deerfield Resort$390,000.001014202
 Little Fawn Lafollette, TN0.85Deerfield Resort$250,000.001028522
 Lot 25, Crown Pointe Lafollette, TN0.61The Peninsula$229,900.00998179
Lot 28 Cameron Lafollette, TN0.62Hidden Springs$229,000.001033148
 Deer Run Lafollette, TN0.55Deerfield Resort$225,000.001014240
1671 Cove Point Lafollette, TN0.79Race Track Hollow$219,900.001026713
 Cameron Lafollette, TN0.5Hidden Springs$199,900.001036173
 Deer Run Lafollette, TN0.46Deerfield Resort$199,000.001016806
426 Norris Crest Lafollette, TN0.76Norris Crest$197,500.001032169
 Cove Pointe Road Lot 36 and 37 Lafollette, TN1.08Cove Pointe$189,000.001004409
 Cove Point Lafollette, TN1.08Cove Pointe$189,000.001004409
 Norris Crest Lafollette, TN0.41Norris Crest$179,900.001015284
 Little Fawn Lafollette, TN0.75Deerfield Resort$175,000.001028521
 Brittney Lane Lot #501 Lafollette , TN0.48Sunset Bay$174,500.001009680
Lot 6 Big Creek Lafollette, TNBig Creek$149,500.001009700
 Norris Crest Lafollette, TN0.58Norris Crest$149,000.001009572
 Shanghai Landing Lafollette, TN1.17$145,000.001021431
 Norris Point Lafollette, TN0.35Norris Point$134,900.001024836
 Norris Crest Lafollette, TN0.55Norris Crest$129,000.001009573
Lot 10 Buckeye Landing Lafollette, TN1.1Deerfield Resort$124,900.001037567
Lot 51 Cove Pointe Lafollette, TN0.59Cove Pointe$114,900.00991943
 Deerwalk Lafollette, TN0.72Deerfield Resort$109,000.00986316
 Water Edge Lafollette, TN0.59$100,000.001025875
Lot 5 Button Buck Lafollette, TN1.3Deerfield Resort$99,900.001016400
 Suncrest Cove Lafollette, TNClearwater Cove$89,900.001018941
 Deer Lafollette, TN0.52Deer Hill Village$89,900.001036232
 Shanghai Landing Lafollette, TNThe Pointe At Shanghai$84,900.00978686
 Sam And Maria Lafollette, TN0.55Deerfield Resort$79,000.001016808
 Sam And Maria Lafollette, TN0.7Deerfield Resort$79,000.001037217
 Deer Lafollette, TN0.59Deer Hill Village$79,000.001037816
 Norris Crest Lafollette, TN0.58Norris Crest$64,900.00999521
 Lot 20 Cameron Lafollette, TN0.57Hidden Springs$60,000.00982321
148 Marina Lafollette, TN5.6Sugar Hollow$60,000.00827413
 Big Creek Lafollette, TN0.47Big Creek$59,000.001037388
Lot 207 Suncrest Cove Lafollette, TN0.25Clearwater Cove$55,000.001026093
 Sam And Maria Lafollette, TN0.73Deerfield Resort$54,000.001010106
 Lot 16 Deer Hill Lafollette, TN0.8Deerfield Resort$50,000.001017308
 Lot 17 Deerfield Lafollette, TN1.06Deerfield Resort$50,000.001017310
 Hickory Way Lafollette, TN1.01Clearwater Cove$39,900.001032367
 Suncrest Cove Lafollette, TN1.04Clearwater Cove$39,000.001024128
 Pinnacle Lafollette, TN1.68Hidden Springs$35,000.00909735
 Pinnacle Lafollette, TN1.37Hidden Springs$35,000.00909739
Lot 59 Mountain Crest Lafollette, TN0.49Norris Crest$32,900.001001547
 Big Creek Lane Lafollette, TNBig Creek$28,500.001035425
 Cameron Lafollette, TN0.98Hidden Springs$14,900.001011639

Lake Lots for Sale in Maynardville, TN

 Hickory Valley Maynardville, TN8.2$545,000.001032694
151 Swan Seymour Maynardville, TN0.92$279,900.001032688
Lot 113 Hickory Pointe Maynardville, TN1.08Hickory Pointe$149,900.00994067
121 Hickory Pointe Maynardville, TN1.36Hickory Pointe $125,900.00965325
 Hickory Pointe Lane Lot 79 Maynardville, TN1.06Hickory Pointe$109,900.00997159
 Edwards Maynardville, TN0.4Seymours Cool Branch$92,500.00993484
 Tumbling Run Estates Maynardville, TN0.58Tumbling Run Estates$74,000.001036733
 Hickory Pointe Lane Maynardville, TN1.69Hickory Pointe$69,900.00942235
Lot 35 Hickory Pointe Maynardville, TN2.18Hickory Pointe$55,000.00993252
 Jessee Rd Maynardville, TN0.41Dodson Creek$54,900.001034364
 Sunset Blvd Lot 10 Maynardville, TN1Hickory Pointe$36,900.001002713

Lake Lots for Sale in New Tazewell, TN

 Locust Grove New Tazewell, TN133$1,800,000.001029553
793 Weaver Ridge New Tazewell, TN179$979,500.00974011
Lot 50 Mountain Shores Road New Tazewell, TN2Lone Mountain Shores$220,000.00969172
Lot 832 Jacks Bluff New Tazewell, TN1.73Lone Mountain Shores$199,900.001026853
Lot 53 Mountain Shores Rd New Tazewell, TN1.26Lone Mountain Shores$199,000.001019809
Lot 880 Clear Water New Tazewell, TN2.93Lone Mountain Shores$189,900.001008748
Lot 320 Shoreside New Tazewell, TN0.62Lone Mountain Shores$150,000.001005783
 Creekside New Tazewell, TN3.76Lone Mountain Shores$150,000.001028992
 Jacks Bluff New Tazewell, TN2.99Lone Mountain Shores$115,000.00986422
 Cape Norris Road New Tazewell, TN0.43Cape Norris$92,500.00966164
Lot 34 Mountain Shores New Tazewell, TN2.87Lone Mountain Shores$89,900.001032196
 Lot 467 Smoky Quartz New Tazewell, TN0.61Rock Harbor$89,900.001037145
 Landmark Drive Lot 848 New Tazewell, TN0.94Lone Mountain Shores$89,400.001027628
Lot 848 Landmark New Tazewell, TN0.94Lone Mountain Shores$89,400.001027628
Lot 33 Mountain Shores New Tazewell, TN3.4Lone Mountain Shores$79,900.001032195
 Locust Grove New Tazewell, TN41$74,800.00945500
 Lot 21 Osprey New Tazewell, TN5.08Eagle Landing$69,500.00975800
 Locust Grove New Tazewell, TN34$59,900.00945501
 Lot 452 Silver Trail New Tazewell, TN1.15Rock Harbor$57,900.001033609
 Lot 253 Marble Point New Tazewell, TN1.07Rock Harbor$49,900.001022899
Lot 592 Whistle Valley Rd New Tazewell, TN2.68Lone Mountain Shores$35,900.001012695
Lot 532 Whistle New Tazewell, TN2.2Lone Mountain Shores$34,900.001035498
Lot 187 Chimney Rock Rd New Tazewell, TN5Lone Mountain Shores$34,900.001036146
Lot 607 Chimney Rock New Tazewell, TN2.06Lone Mountain Shores$27,300.001037534
 Lot 567 Whistle Valley New Tazewell, TN1.83Lone Mountain Shores$24,900.001022958
Lot 816 Wildcat Hollow Rd New Tazewell, TN3.86Lone Mountain Shores$24,900.001019154
Lot 400 Chimney Rock Road New Tazewell, TN4.95Lone Mountain Shores$19,995.001012855
 Lot 186 Moonstone New Tazewell, TN3.03Rock Harbor$14,900.001022897
Lot 614 Chimney Rock New Tazewell, TN2.8Lone Mountain Shores$12,900.001003200
Lot 240 Whistle Valley Rd New Tazewell, TN3.18Lone Mountain Shores$5,000.001022082

Lake Lots for Sale in Rocky Top, TN

Lot 17 Lindsey Mill Rocky Top, TNLindsay Mill$149,900.001026423
 Lovely Bluff Rocky Top, TN0.58$89,900.001019825

Lake Lots for Sale in Sharps Chapel, TN

Lot 607 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.98Sunset Bay$379,000.001032560
396 Sunset Sharps Chapel, TN0.63Sunset Bay$275,000.001031304
465 Reginas Sharps Chapel, TN0.64Sunset Bay$229,900.001033429
 Lot 767 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.76Sunset Bay$199,500.001035949
 Leilas Way Sharps Chapel, TN1.31Sunset Bay$195,000.001035725
Lot 599 Russell Brothers Road Sharps Chapel, TN0.58Sunset Bay$193,500.001017428
 Norris Shores Sharps Chapel, TN1.63Norris Shores$189,900.001028435
 Lawrence Trail Lot 552 Sharps Chapel, TN0.78Sunset Bay$174,700.00994754
 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.16Sunset Bay$165,000.001027460
Lot 549 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.9Sunset Bay$159,900.001001964
 Lot 602 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.52Sunset Bay$159,900.001032166
 Helms Ferry Rd Lot #11 Sharps Chapel, TNHelms Ferry$159,000.001006431
 Lot 575 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.68Sunset Bay$149,900.001034344
 Norris Shores Sharps Chapel, TN1.03Norris Shores$149,000.001031210
 Russell Brother Sharps Chapel, TN0.6Sunset Bay$140,000.00975052
 Russell Brother Rd. Sharps Chapel, TN0.6Sunset Bay$139,900.001008973
 Lot 509 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.6Sunset Bay$134,900.001030490
 Russell Brothers Lot 775 Sharps Chapel, TN0.75Sunset Bay$129,900.00929669
Lot 694H Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TNSunset Bay$129,900.001037176
 Ball Point Sharps Chapel, TN10.2Tanglewood Shores$125,000.001031659
 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.87Sunset Bay$110,000.001019830
 Old Leadmine Bend Sharps Chapel, TN1.33Pinnacle Pointe$110,000.001006951
 Lot 652 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.58Sunset Bay$99,900.001030288
Lot 86 Grandpas Rdg Sharps Chapel, TN2.07Norris Shores$99,900.001032400
 Captains Cove Sharps Chapel, TN1.48Sunset Bay$99,500.001000071
 Big Valley Lot 905 Sharps Chapel, TN1.12Sunset Bay$89,900.00929667
 Lot 542 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.89Sunset Bay$84,900.001022186
 Lot 902 Big Valley Sharps Chapel, TN0.77Sunset Bay$79,900.001028408
Lot 37 Ridgeview Sharps Chapel, TN1Norris Shores$78,400.001028709
16a Emerald Green Sharps Chapel, TN1.41Pinnacle Pointe$74,500.00999656
 Lot 568 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.73Sunset Bay$69,900.001028433
 Old Leadmine Bend Sharps Chapel, TN0.97Pinnacle Pointe$65,000.001034310
 Lot 335a Larayne Hollow Sharps Chapel, TN1.55Sunset Bay$59,900.001022184
 Russell Brothers Road Sharps Chapel, TN0.7Sunset Bay$57,900.001034281
 Off Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.71Sunset Bay$54,900.001028906
 Lot 210 Captains Cove Sharps Chapel, TN0.73Sunset Bay$49,900.001025325
 Lot 3 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.22Sunset Bay$49,900.001033220
Lot 35 Fishers Loop Sharps Chapel, TN1.19Sunset Bay$45,900.001013478
 Russell Brothers Road Sharps Chapel, TN0.66Sunset Bay$44,900.001019057
Lot 43 Fisher Loop Sharps Chapel, TN0.62Sunset Bay$44,900.001013464
 Lot 519 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.5Sunset Bay$39,900.001030222
 Lakeview Sharps Chapel, TN6.7Norris Shores$36,810.00956001
Lot 276 Ruth Circle Sharps Chapel, TN0.85Sunset Bay$34,900.001034462
 Norris Shores Sharps Chapel, TNNorris Shores$29,900.00957834
Lot 18 Helms Ferry Sharps Chapel, TN0.35Lead Mine Bend$29,900.00820392
Lot 915 Eagle Sharps Chapel, TN1.1Sunset Bay$29,900.001019349
Lot 107 Sierra Rdg Sharps Chapel, TN0.84Sunset Bay$20,000.001012081
Lot 727 Russell Brothers Rd Sharps Chapel, TN1.12Sunset Bay$17,900.001011315
Lot 351 Dove Court Sharps Chapel, TN0.52Sunset Bay$15,900.001011320
 Brittney Ln Sharps Chapel, TN0.96Sunset Bay$15,000.001027184
Lot 73dr Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.98Sunset Bay$13,995.001014370

Lake Lots for Sale in Speedwell, TN

755 Cooper Ridge Lane Speedwell, TN197.5$1,275,000.001033948
203 Braden Speedwell, TN121$949,000.001005127
 Harness Speedwell, TN2.09Overlook Bay$145,000.00967652
Lot 162 Bridle Way Speedwell, TN1.27Overlook Bay $139,900.001035095
Acre Flat Hollow Marina Speedwell, TN2.8Flat Hollow $129,900.001035387
Lot 136 Saddleridge Speedwell, TN1.4Overlook Bay$109,900.001024455
 Jones Ridge Rd Speedwell, TN14Timber Lake Estates$105,000.001036221
 Jones Ridge Rd Speedwell, TN12.2Timber Lake Estates$91,500.001036212
Lot 153 Bridle Way Speedwell, TN1.64Overlook Bay$90,000.001007468
 Blue Springs Speedwell, TN0.65$89,900.001027476
 Lot 145 Saddleridge Speedwell, TN1.61Overlook Bay$82,000.001015646
 Harness Speedwell, TN1.46Overlook Bay$75,000.00988853
 Lake Hollow Speedwell, TN0.62$74,900.001028183
Lot 173 Saddleridge Speedwell, TN4.14Overlook Bay $70,000.001032403
Lot 172 Saddleridge Speedwell, TN2.12Overlook Bay $60,000.001032402
 Maiden Lane Speedwell, TN4.32Powell River Estates$49,000.001015990
 Maiden Speedwell, TN2.1Powell River Estates$29,000.001016031
Dock Flat Hollow Marina Speedwell, TNFlat Hollow $20,000.001035390

Lake Lots for Sale in Tazewell, TN

00 Off Bunchtown Tazewell, TN285.5$975,000.001034093
 Mountain Shores Tazewell, TN6.73Lone Mountain Shores$249,900.001001015
 Claude Bolton Tazewell, TN$249,900.001031232
 Raven Fork Tazewell, TN150$175,000.001029613
 Cove Tazewell, TN4.46Woodlake Golf Community$174,900.001021349
 Lot 17 Owen Payne Tazewell, TN0.46Norris Landing$50,000.001035262
728 Bluegreen Tazewell, TN0.43Woodlake Golf Community$49,000.001022160
Lot 3 Peregrine Tazewell, TN5.04Eagle Landing$39,900.00999174
 Windward Tazewell, TN0.5Lake Norris Landing$38,900.00928848
 Champion Tazewell, TN0.62Woodlake Golf Community$24,900.001016469
118 Executive Tazewell, TN0.19Woodlake Golf Community$24,900.001018930
317 Par Pl Tazewell, TNWoodlake Golf Community$24,500.001034775
 Riverside Tazewell, TN1.23Clinch River$15,000.001018375
 Riverside Tazewell, TN0.66Clinch River$8,500.001018376

Lake Lots for Sale in Washburn, TN

 Norris Pt Washburn, TN3.5Norris Point$149,900.001033263
 Norris Washburn, TN5.15Norris Point$112,000.001015950

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