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Find Norris Lake lots for sale. Search wooded, flat and rolling lake lots for sale in Andersonville, Caryville, Jacksboro, Lafollette, Maynardville, New Tazewell, Rocky Top, Sharps Chapel, Speedwell, Tazewell and Washburn, TN. Find real estate property listings for lake property in Tennessee. Build your dream Vacation Home at Norris Lake, TN!

Norris Lake Real Estate is available in East Tennessee! Discover some of the best vacation properties available with exceptional views and access to the mountains and lake! Find your slice of paradise with wooded lots for privacy and seclusion.

Norris Lake Real Estate

See lake property listings below for our featured inventory of Norris Lake Real Estate regarding lake lots for sale on Norris Lake. Be sure to bookmark this page or check it regularly for updated lake property for sale at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Lake Lots for Sale in Andersonville, TN

0 October Andersonville, TN7.01Sequoyah Lodge & Marina$223,000.001151359
 Harbour Club Lot 3 Andersonville, TN0.36Bay Cove$58,000.001155680

Lake Lots for Sale in Caryville, TN

0 Fox Ridge Caryville, TN1.82Cove Norris$199,900.001122894
 Nona Way Caryville, TN5.24Cove Norris$199,000.001149863
 Cheri Caryville, TNCove Norris$21,000.001131801

Lake Lots for Sale in Jacksboro, TN

lot 46 Hiwassee Jacksboro, TNHiwassee$197,000.001137989
 Windsor Jacksboro, TN0.93Windsor Pointe$89,900.001130610

Lake Lots for Sale in Lafollette, TN

Lot 29 Crown Jewel Lafollette, TNThe Peninsula$774,900.001154928

Lake Lots for Sale in Maynardville, TN

 Lot 109 Hickory Point Maynardville, TNHickory Pointe$399,000.001143611
Lot 90 Black Fox Harbor Maynardville, TN0.57Black Fox Harbor$229,900.001151981
 Edwards Maynardville, TN0.4Seymours Cool Branch$89,900.001148213
 Bob Wrights Maynardville, TN3Bay Meadows$69,000.001144028
 Bob Wright Rd Lot 37 Maynardville, TN5.29Bay Meadows$62,000.001143435
 Bob Wright Rd Lot 38 Maynardville, TN5.55Bay Meadows$62,000.001143437
Lot 148 Hickory Pointe Rd Maynardville, TN.93Hickory Pointe$58,700.001145145
 Panoramic Maynardville, TN0.57Sugar Camp$44,900.001145745
 Panoramic Maynardville, TN0.57Sugar Camp$44,900.001145742
 Bob Wright Maynardville, TN2.98Bay Meadows$41,900.001135982
 Panoramic Lot 27 Maynardville, TN0.91Swan Seymour Sugar Camp$39,000.001145363
 Lot 137, Hickory Pointe Maynardville, TN1.05Hickory Pointe$29,500.001148499

Lake Lots for Sale in New Tazewell, TN

 Platinum Drive New Tazewell, TN0.91Rock Harbor$380,000.00976098
 Summer Breeze New Tazewell, TN0.96Summer Breeze$224,900.001133556
396 Creekside New Tazewell, TN10.12Lone Mountain Shores$199,999.001152310
Lot 873 Clearwater New Tazewell, TN6.18Lone Mountain Shores$160,000.001149382
Lot 844 Landmark New Tazewell, TN1.2Lone Mountain Shores$159,900.001141133
Lot 880 Fellowship New Tazewell, TN2.93Lone Mountain Shores$144,900.001154485
 Cape Norris New Tazewell, TN0.9Cape Norris$139,900.001154354
Lot 861 Evergreen New Tazewell, TN3.56Lone Mountain Shores$94,900.001139829
Lot 359 Morning Glory New Tazewell, TN1.9Lone Mountain Shores$89,900.001088842
 Clearwater New Tazewell, TN4.37Lone Mountain Shores$89,000.001140467
lot 840 Driftwood New Tazewell, TN3.36Lone Mountain Shores$75,000.001139616
 Morning Glory New Tazewell, TN10.33Lone Mountain Shores$60,000.001140446
 Lot 61 Mountain Shores New Tazewell, TN2.7Lone Mountain Shores$59,900.001109623
 Lot 238 Tanzanite New Tazewell, TN2.52Rock Harbor$49,900.001076069
 Clear Water New Tazewell, TN2.16Lone Mountain Shores$42,000.001148114
 Clear Water New Tazewell, TN1.87Lone Mountain Shores$42,000.001148108
 Chimney Rock New Tazewell, TN3Lone Mountain Shores$31,500.001139908
Lot 290 Bluff View New Tazewell, TN8.23Lone Mountain Shores$29,900.001153569
 Beryl New Tazewell, TN0.75Rock Harbor$29,000.001154487
Lot 100 Flagstone Loop New Tazewell, TN1.42Rock Harbor$25,000.001152058
 Marble Point New Tazewell, TN0.86Rock Harbor$25,000.001155642

Lake Lots for Sale in Rocky Top, TN

311 Ross Cemetery Rocky Top, TN88.14$3,000,000.001147711
341 Lovely Bluff Rocky Top, TN$399,900.001143609

Lake Lots for Sale in Sharps Chapel, TN

 Sharps Chapel Sharps Chapel, TN45.6Lakecrest Shores$1,500,000.001137919
 Lot 604 Russell Brothers Road Sharps Chapel, TN0.58Sunset Bay$380,000.001150417
 Lot 694d Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1Sunset Bay$329,900.001118470
Lot 28 Beech Grove Sharps Chapel, TN4.08$275,000.001155592
293 Lawrence Sharps Chapel, TN1.01Sunset Bay$239,900.001148796
 Highland Trace Sharps Chapel, TN2.42The Highlands$199,000.001121025
 L-166 Pearl Pt. Sharps Chapel, TN1.6Norris Shores$175,000.001150483
 Ridgeland Sharps Chapel, TN3.7Norris Shores$159,900.001146598
0 Russell Brothers Rd, Lot 374 Sharps Chapel, TN0.64Sunset Bay$150,000.001152044
 L 88 Grandpas Ridge Sharps Chapel, TN1.01Norris Shores$149,000.001124338
 Lot 752 Russell Brothers Road Sharps Chapel, TN1.16Sunset Bay$143,000.001145914
Lot 181 Captains Sharps Chapel, TN1.48Sunset Bay$141,000.001155671
Lot 10 Old Leadmine Bend Sharps Chapel, TN0.57Lead Mine Bend$139,900.001145226
Lot 188 Lakeview Sharps Chapel, TN2.19Norris Shores$129,900.001146342
 Lot 94 Norris Shores Ln Sharps Chapel, TN3.49Norris Shores$118,000.001147307
lot 154 Emerald Sharps Chapel, TN1Norris Shores$115,000.001144603
Lot 5 Parsons Shores Sharps Chapel, TN5Tanglewood Shores$110,000.001001824
Lot 4 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN2.32Sunset Bay$99,900.001148519
 Old Leadmine Bend Rd. Sharps Chapel, TN1.1Pinnacle Pointe$99,900.001000889
 Norris Shores Sharps Chapel, TN1.05Norris Shores$99,900.001150074
 Old Leadmine Bend Sharps Chapel, TN1.33Pinnacle Pointe$99,000.001050298
Lot 409 Sunset View Sharps Chapel, TN0.93Sunset Bay$99,000.001148579
Lot 509 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.6Sunset Bay$89,900.001064296
lot 155 Emerald Sharps Chapel, TN1.5Norris Shores$89,900.001139252
 Lot 678 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.79Sunset Bay$89,900.001129903
Lot 783 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.93Sunset Bay$89,900.001139634
lot 784 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.63Sunset Bay$87,500.001149785
 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.65Sunset Bay$79,900.001128147
 Off Britteny Ln Sharps Chapel, TNSunset Bay$69,900.001103854
 Lot 89 Hardwood Sharps Chapel, TN1Sunset Bay$69,900.001084248
 Lot 88 Hardwood Sharps Chapel, TN1Sunset Bay$69,900.001084254
 L-250 Big Ridge Pt Sharps Chapel, TN2.37Norris Shores$69,000.001040394
L 128 Islandview Sharps Chapel, TN1.7Norris Shores$69,000.001106088
 Old Leadmine Bend Sharps Chapel, TN1.03Pinnacle Pointe$65,000.001085253
 Old Leadmine Bend Sharps Chapel, TN0.97Pinnacle Pointe$65,000.001086999
 Lot 488 Off Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN2.97Sunset Bay$52,000.001134322
Lot 321 Russell Br Sharps Chapel, TN1.16Sunset Bay$49,900.001142466
 Lot 568 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.73Sunset Bay$49,900.001140401
 Lot 319 Russell Br Sharps Chapel, TN1.25Sunset Bay$45,000.001129754
 Garfield Lane Sharps Chapel, TN1.73Sunset Bay$40,000.001145106
Lot 176 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.1Sunset Bay$39,900.001152539
 Ridgeland Sharps Chapel, TN3.73Norris Shores$39,900.001150076
Lot 743 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN2.35Sunset Bay$39,900.001152600
Lot 110 Timber Ridge Sharps Chapel, TN5.05Norris Shores$37,500.001142526
 Big Valley Sharps Chapel, TNWaterside Cove$34,900.001139966
 Lot 111 Swan Song Sharps Chapel, TN0.92Sunset Bay$33,500.001119034
Lot 724 Russell Br Sharps Chapel, TN0.98Sunset Bay$29,999.001110383
Lot 179 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.95Sunset Bay$29,900.001149380
 Russel Brothers Sharps Chapel, TNSunset Bay$29,900.001133943
Lot 179 Russell Brothers Rd Sharps Chapel, TN0.95Sunset Bay$29,900.001117167
 Lot 121 Russell Brothers Rd Sharps Chapel, TNSunset Bay$22,410.001125932
lot 694OR Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.72Sunset Bay$20,000.001142391
Lot 707 Ruby Sharps Chapel, TN2.12Sunset Bay$19,900.001142471
Lot 915 Eagle Sharps Chapel, TN1.1Sunset Bay$19,900.001113882
 Lot 160 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.76Sunset Bay$19,900.001111045
Lot 139r Garfield Lane Sharps Chapel, TN0.83$9,900.001117263

Lake Lots for Sale in Speedwell, TN

755 Cooper Ridge Speedwell, TN197.5$1,275,000.001139044
 Friendship Hollow Rd Speedwell, TN244.7$625,000.001146919
22 Jones Ridge Speedwell, TN15.6Timberlake Estates$119,900.001146983
21 Jones Ridge Speedwell, TN17.5Timberlake Estates$99,900.001147117
 Harness Speedwell, TN1.48Overlook Bay$99,900.001138682
 Braden Rd Lot 3 Speedwell, TN2.15$99,900.001149232
 Braden Rd Speedwell, TN2.13$99,900.001148841
 Saddleridge Speedwell, TN2.23Overlook Bay$96,900.001137506
115 Arthur Hill Speedwell, TN5.53$90,000.001149309
lot 125 Saddleridge Speedwell, TN1.47Overlook Bay$89,900.001133012
Lot 173 Saddleridge Speedwell, TN4.14Overlook Bay$70,000.001149169
Lot 157 Bridle Speedwell, TN1.03Overlook Bay$69,000.001147674
Lot 172 Saddleridge Speedwell, TN2.12Overlook Bay$60,000.001149168
 Saddleridge Speedwell, TN0.95Overlook Bay$16,000.001141060

Lake Lots for Sale in Tazewell, TN

 Ridge Tazewell, TN332.97Pinnacle View Estates$1,655,000.001151128
 Owen Payne Tazewell, TN0.51Lake Norris Landing$129,000.001113239
 Peregrine Tazewell, TN2.92Eagle Landing$65,000.001135846
 Eagles Ridge Tazewell, TN0.86Woodlake Golf Community$59,900.001067537
 Owen Payne Lot 17 Tazewell, TN0.46Lake Norris Landing$45,000.001145064
Lot 539 Whistle Valley Tazewell, TN1.29Lone Mountain Shores$25,000.001039416
Lot 226 Champion Tazewell, TN0.62Woodlake Golf Community$17,500.001016469
106 Acres Raven Fork Tazewell, TN106$0.001154020

Lake Lots for Sale in Washburn, TN

 Lot 5, Norris Point Washburn, TN5.21Norris Point$450,000.001155312
 Black Fox Harbor Washburn, TN1.52Black Fox Harbor$264,000.001151155
 Norris Washburn, TN5.15Norris Point$199,900.001146825
 Black Fox Harbor Washburn, TN0.69Black Fox Harbor$159,900.001152115
 Black Fox Harbor Washburn, TN1.27Black Fox Harbor$149,900.001151974

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